Article – Shelley Bachman

Shelley Bachman is an artist that has been showcasing her art at Motion Gallery since the beginning of the gallery, in fact, she is just one month out of being with us since day one. In the five and a half years she has been showcasing her work, we have seen an exciting variety of styles and painting techniques come from her art, she admits the paintings she has been displaying are a mixed bag, some abstract and some landscape.



Her most frequently used medium is acrylic, but we’ve seen paper collages, as well as inks and mixed medium works. Her style tends to lend towards a more abstract look, and even though she can paint realism but prefers this style, telling us she paints what pleases her and what comes from her heart, hoping to create art that pleases many different walks of life.
Shelley’s earliest memory of being creative was when she made a shawl for her mother, she also tells us “I painted a Mickey Mouse face on a piece of cloth and thought it was beautiful.” recalling proud moments as a young artist. At the age of eight, she remembers taking painting lessons with a French lady, while living in Algeria. Later when living in Venezuela many of the art projects involved drawing pictures for biology. She also enjoyed making all sorts of ornaments.


She has experimented with many materials and mediums in the past, from ceramics, and stained glass to china painting. “I took ceramic lessons and became a certified ceramic teacher and took China painting classes from a place that was called the China pallet run by my aunt Marguerite Wilkinson.”



Having taken many short art workshops in the last five years, and having sold and shipped her art as far as the States, Shelley admits her Aunt Marguerite was her biggest influence, encouraging her to explore many different art forms and styles.



After participating in many art shows in and around Calgary, having her art staged in several show homes as well as in a couple furniture stores and coffee shops, Shelley is ready for her next venture. “I am going to start a few plein air paintings of the Atlas coal mine in East Coulee”.
Shelley’s art can be exclusively viewed in person at Motion Gallery. You can also find more of her art on her website or on her  Shelley Bachman Art Pages on Facebook.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere