Article – Renee Laferriere


Renee Laferriere first began exhibiting her art at Motion Gallery in 2013. Her first paintings were mostly based on geometric shapes, and random topics. At that time she had just begun adding texture to her artworks and was exploring the use of acrylics and textured mediums.


As her ventures continued she began creating different rock and gem type imagery. Renee discovered she enjoyed painting scenes of nature. Images of the sky, trees, the moon, butterflies and flowers which are more representative of what you’ll find at the gallery nowadays. Adding layers of texture to her work is Renee’s signature technique, and it makes her artworks stand out from the rest. She says that simply painting without using some kind of texture feels too plain, and admits she enjoyed the challenge of learning how to work with these kinds of mediums and how to incorporate them into her paintings. This challenge helped her develop the distinctive style she is known for.


Salvador Dali is an artist that truly inspires her with his unique style. Her dad was an artist too, which is most likely where her love of art came from. Renee spent, and still spends a lot of time researching and reading about the arts, painting, as well as experimenting with it.


These are some of Renee’s latest artworks, which can be find in our catalogue.



In the summer her and her family enjoy chasing storms, and looking for unique sunsets to photograph after the storm passes. “Seeing amazing cloud formations, and vibrant colours in the clouds is something I just can’t get enough of”, she expresses.


As a kid, Renee spent hours drawing with coloring pencils and crayons, later working with pastels, charcoal and markers. In her teens she took a few oil painting classes, and in her early 20’s she started painting regularly with watercolour, but found it too watery. On the opposite scale, when she worked with oils, she found they dried too slow which ultimately brought her to deciding that acrylic paint would be her medium of choice. “Acrylics dry fast, the paint is thick enough for what I like to create, and there are so many pastes, gels, and other mediums to choose from.” She adds, “Lately I’ve been working with spray paint and acrylic ink, which is a lot of fun. I’ve also been experimenting with tissue paper, sequins, and other unconventional things which I plan on adding to my next collection.”


Even though she has been painting regularly for the past 20 years, Renee did not show her paintings to many people until 2012, when she took part in her first art show. Since then, Renee has exhibited her work at Motion Gallery, Planet Art, and taken part of the annual ‘Under $100 Art Show’ with ArtSpot since 2013.


“One interesting coincidence was that I painted my first tree in 2012, and brought it to an art show that year. Someone asked me if it was a painting of the special tree around Calgary, but I had no idea what the person was referring to. A few months later, I discovered the Burmis Tree in Crowsnest Pass. Turns out, my painting did look a lot like it which I found interesting.

I chose that tree as my background in my artist photo for the Motion Gallery First Edition Art Book, and since then, I’ve been painting different type of trees regularly.”


Renee has been creating as far back as she can remember, and believes she was destined to be an artist. She paints daily whether it be on canvas or on fabric, and constantly has something creative going on.


Painting is Renee’s biggest passion. It’s the one thing she never gets tired of and would love for painting to provide her main income. She dreams of painting a series of paintings for hotels or office buildings, and getting regular commission work. She plans to branch out with fabric painting, and selling her art online. For now, the best place to find Renee’s artwork is at Motion Gallery and on her Facebook page


Looking back at some of Renee’s earlier pieces.

Calgary At Sunset

Colour Quake

Crackling Crystals


Desert Tree

Exquisite Disaster



Flowing Lava



Standing Still




Written by Sandra Montgomery
Edited by Chris Marrs