Article – Erin Freed

Erin Freed is Motion Gallery’s only resident ceramist. Since she joined the gallery in August 2015, she has displayed ceramic cups, plates, bowls and vases, but the thing that makes her art stand out from the rest are her ceramic fairy houses. These fairy houses were Inspired by a friend who asked Erin to make her some small houses to go in her garden with other ceramic mushrooms she already had. Since those first fairy houses were created the collection has grown and the Fairy House collection was born!



Describing her work to us as ‘a little off the beaten track’, though her ceramics are very distinctive in style, Erin tells us she envisions trying out new ideas and working on developing her own unique style.


Ceramics is not the only art she does. Erin also paints. In these works she is influenced by an impressionist style, and expresses her interest in mission style furniture as well as beautiful lidded jars with an Asian flavor.


Her Influences are far and wide, from quaint English pottery with its flowers and majolica to Japanese and Korean ceramics, expressing the wonderness in the carvings from these countries.  


Erin attended Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating in 2006 with a BFA in Ceramics.



When Erin takes on new mediums of art, she tends to choose materials and crafts that will become functional pieces. In the past she has experimented with crochet and fabric painting.


She is excited to start working on a new pieces, and tells us “A friend gave me medium fire porcelain clay. I saw little tiny houses in the white clay. I’d like to create larger ones and use ceramic stains to color certain areas. Im working on larger bowl with painted details adding designs such as fleur dis lis.”


Erin’s ultimate goal as an artist is mostly just self expression, and admits earning a little money from her ceramics and artworks is a great bonus too. Her next venture is to start teaching her craft to others on a regular basis and we can let you know that starting soon, you will be able to take lessons from Erin at Motion Gallery. Watch this space for information on that!

Erins work can be viewed on her website, and purchased at Motion Gallery, as well as during shows with Artpoint and Interpretations Artists Association.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere