Article – Alistair Wright


Alistair Wright is a long standing artist at Motion Gallery. He has exhibited three distinctive styles in his art, but his most recognizable and successful subjects have been cows. Perhaps that’s because this is Calgary, or because these Stampede themed artworks are extremely expressive, and the planes on their faces lend themselves to the use of colourful reflected light.


Influenced by the impressionists art movement, Alistair says he tries to paint as loosely as possible. Even though his success at this is variable, and his artistic style lends towards a more realist portraiture style of painting, be it of people or animals, he finds he needs to add a dynamic element to the reference.


Here we see Alistair’s most recent painting. Find out more in our catalogue.

Hey Ma!


Another style is his abstracts, the Arboreal Memoirs series, which were inspired by polished slices of petrified wood seen in Banff stores. The high gloss on these objects inspired the use of acrylic resin over oil. More recently, Alistair began painting a series of tasteful nudes, painted in a loose impressionist style. He tells us he is excited to start his first commission based upon one of his nudes.


He never foresaw an interest in art, and admits he was not particularly creative as a child. His passion lay mostly in science and math, and went onto following a career as a Chemical Engineer. Art is just a rewarding side project that frees him from his day to day work.


Alistair tried his hand at clay sculpting and glass blowing, which he enjoyed immensely, and he also took to oil painting without much effort. He admits selling art is incredibly rewarding, especially when people he doesn’t know appreciate his art as much as he enjoys painting them.


Besides exhibiting his artworks at Motion Gallery for the past five years, Alistair takes part is an annual art show organized by the art group that he paints with. He also displayed a couple of his nude paintings in ‘Home In Our Own Skin – 1001 Naked Calgarians Photography Exhibit’.


Alistair’s previous artworks.

Alistair Wright - Under Pressure

Alistair Wright - Arboreal Memoirs I

Alistair Wright - Arboreal Memoirs II

Alistair Wright - Take The Bull By The Horns

Alistair Wright - Cocky

Alistair Wright - Buffalo Sojourn

Alistair Wright - Art For Arts Sake

Alistair Wright - Defying Gravity

Alistair Wright - Seaside Rendezvous

Alistair Wright - Arboreal Memoirs III





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere