April Artist – Lesley Morden

Lesley Morden is one of Motion Gallery featured April artists. This month she displays a collection of six new landscape artworks in a month long exhibition.



Her latest works represent scenes she has found most interesting, capturing her imagination and grabbing her attention, either through her own travels or the travels of those close to her, who have supplied her with photographs to paint from.

Inspiration to represent these magnificent places started very slowly in the beginning of 2015.



“I chose oil paint on canvas for this series.  I like to search through photographs taken by myself or others (friends and family) and I begin by “sitting” on the image for a while.  Then I usually begin the painting by sketching the landscape on the canvas and then apply the image directly in oil paint.”



Having used coloured pencils on paper and oil pastels in the past, Lesley says she is most comfortable working with oil paint on canvas. She began painting in oils when she was 12 years old and has continued doing this, off and on, ever since.  




But painting isn’t all she enjoys, Lesley also wrote short stories when she was a young girl and continues writing to this day.

“I am in the process of writing an historical novel about the First Crusade during the 11th century.”

“I think I always had the urge to create.” she says, “I try to put myself into everything I do and this often translates into some creative endeavour or other, whether that be painting, cooking, writing or when I’m teaching.”



While growing up outside Toronto, Lesley would frequent the McMichael Collection in Kleinberg that houses an extensive collection from the Group of Seven.  She admits these works provided her with early inspiration for her own style.



Continuing her creative endeavors, two years ago she took a course entitled “Painting Methods of Caravaggio” with Martinho Correia.  This course entailed copying a work by Caravaggio and learning his techniques of chiaroscura.



Well, we definitely look forward to seeing what comes next. Lesley tells us there are landscape paintings in the horizon.


You can see Lesley’s latest artworks at Motion Gallery, and contact us for further enquiries while her own website is in the process of opening up.




Written by Sandra Montgomery