April Artist – Cristina Teodorescu

Featured artist, Cristina Teodorescu joins Motion Gallery this April for a month long exhibit revealing her latest collection of horse paintings and two pieces from her ‘Mothers and Daughters’ collection.


Her horse paintings are a favourite amongst her viewers, and her love for horses is second to none. She tells us one of the most difficult pieces she has created was ‘Running on Fire’, this particular painting honors of the horses that were released into the wild to save themselves during the Fort McMurray fire in 2015. The painting depicts horse running on fire.


The collection ‘Mothers and Daughters” honors her mother, grandmother and daughter, and was created after her mother passed away in 2015.  

When we asked Cristina what message she had in these works, she told us “Take care of your mothers and daughters, always be on their sides, make the best of the time you have with them.”


In regards to her horses collection, “these represent my vision of human feelings, sensitivity and fragility in the body of a beast. Beast meaning our good and bad sides.”


Poetry also plays a big part in Cristina’s painted horses collection, and most of these works come with poems written on the canvas. Using acrylic and chalk paint, she sometimes also uses oil paints in her works but because of the layers in her paintings, the drying time of oil isn’t always a liable medium to use.


Initially influenced by an american equine artist: Marcia Baldwin, Cristina has enjoyed learning how to paint expression in horses eyes like she does but admits she is drifting away from that particular style of art to find her own voice, and the artworks exposed on her  website no longer reflect Marcia’s influence.


Cristina has always enjoyed art and tries to go to as many galleries as possible. She lived in Bucharest until the age of 18, and recalls there were no art material on the market for artists in a communist society. She enjoy activities such as drawing and painting but it was only when she attended an art studio organised for students that she had access to canvasses and oil paints.


She has received most of her artistic instructions later in life, attending Saturday classes with a Russian painter, Alex Ivanov In Calgary in 2014.


Her creativity comes from a continued development over the last four year, being more active as an artist means she has also begun exploring other artistic interests such as vintage furniture painting and dry plant floral arrangements


Having created up to 30 new artworks recently, she continues to developed her own individual style with looser strokes. Cristina’s focus now is to find better exposed in the art market.

Her ultimate dream as an artist is not fame or fortune, but pleasing her viewers with storytelling through her art.

Cristina’s art can be viewed in person at Motion Gallery this month of April, as well as Ranchlands Veterinary Clinic, and Jack Framework in Edmonton, or visit her website www.cristinateodorescu.com to contact her directly.