Meet Anita Harris

Anita paints in many styles, her artworks range from delicately painted mandalas and dolls to figure drawings in pastels, watercolours, inks and oils paintings. Find out how it started for Anita.


00Anita Harris

“When I was 14, almost 30 years ago, and meandering my way through the British school system, I made the decision to study art for a living. My older brother’s supportive comment was “you know, that’ll only ever qualify you to work at McDonalds and asking, “do you want fries with that?” To which I stubbornly replied; “I’m doing it because it has soul!” Four years later, my brother had dropped his grades and was spending a year working at, yes, you guessed it, McDonalds! And I laughed, and laughed, and laughed! ‘Cos you know, that’s what supportive siblings do. To this day, I have always done art for the soul, and never worked at McDonalds.”



Anita’s gallery of art

Anita Haris - Wistful


Anita Haris - Rosalita


Anita Haris - Black Betty

Anita Haris - Sunny

Anita Haris - El Nino

Anita Haris - Angeli Somniare

Anita Haris - Cry Me A River

Anita Haris - Woman On Stool

Anita Haris - Mandala Design Greeting Card 

Anita Haris - Curl

Anita Haris - Ankle

Anita Haris - Day Of The Dead Pen & Ink Series

Anita Haris - Red Beauty

Anita Haris - Green Majesty